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Feb 13th, 2020


The fishmongers of the chefs … but also your fishmonger

Ever wondered where do your favorite chefs get their fresh fish and seafood from? Based in Brittany, Qwehli has been supplying chefs and some of the most elegant tables around the world for more than 10 years with a meticulous selection of seasonal and traceable seafood products caught at the right place and the right time (outside of reproduction period). Their products are available all year long thanks to a revolutionary preservation technique which preserves the cells of the products in a state close to the living through a combination of extreme cold temperature and magnetic resonance. Preserving the cell integrity results in nutriments, taste and texture being kept intact. Once defrosted, the products feel and taste as if they had just been taking out of the ocean. It's actually so fresh that all their products are Sashimi Grade meaning that you can safely enjoy them raw. I do love a good old scallop tartare if you ask. Before I discovered Qwehli I used to only have seafood when eating out but now, every day (well not exactly every but almost) day is a seafood feast!


Article From: Hong Kong Madame

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