Sautee Black Qwehli with Celery and Kale

Sautee Black Qwehli with Celery and Kale

Created by OFYR
March 9th, 2021
A simple recipe using our stable - Black Qwehli, with fresh Celery and Kale. If you are looking for something low carbs, low calories, but delicious, this is for you!


Serves 2

             Black Qwehli Shrimps XL

             Colorful carrots

4              Small Celery

1              Pinch of black pepper



  1. Defrost the Black Qwehli ® shrimp .

  2. Blanch the celery by immersing them in boiling water for 5 minutes and cool them in a tub of ice water.

  3. Cook the shrimp in a hot pan for a few minutes and turn them until they are colored.

  4. Place the celery and the kale on the skillet.

  5. As soon as the celery has a soft texture, cut them into thin slices and cubes.
    Sautee the celery cubes in a pan with a little butter.

  6. Peel the Black Qwehli with head parts on and place them on a plate. Add the celery and the chopped kale on the side.




  1. 將虎蝦解凍至軟身

  2. 印乾 灑上少少鹽

  3. 水煮芹菜 5 分鐘後過冷河

  4. 鑊落油,煎煮虎蝦直至變色,鏟起

  5. 鑊落油,翻炒芹菜及羽衣甘藍直至芹菜軟身,鏟起後芹菜切塊,羽衣甘藍切碎

  6. 虎蝦剝皮(留住蝦頭殼)後上盤,擺入芹菜及羽衣甘藍。完成!


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