Pan-Fried Seabass With Asparagus

Pan-Fried Seabass With Asparagus

Created by chef Johan Ducroquet (@johan.ducroquet)
March 10th, 2021
There are so many ways to prepare seabass but not every recipe is chef-approved. This simple and delicious recipe is created by the head chef at Bouillon, Hong Kong. If you want the same taste and quality of restaurants but don't feel like going out, this recipe is for you!


Serves 2

             Qwehli Seabass Fillet

4              Pieces of asparagus 

             Tbsp of black olive tapenade (optional)

2              Tbsp of olive oil

1              Pinch of black pepper and salt



  1. Heat up olive oil in a hot pan. Put in the seabass filet and cook the skin side first for 3-4 minutes or until the skin is nicely golden brown; Turn the fillet over to cook for another 1 minute. Add salt and pepper.

  2. Peel and blanch the seasonal green asparagus in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes to keep them crispy.

  3. For the sauce, prepare a vinaigrette using passion fruit, honey, olive oil and wasabi. You can use a food processor or simply mix the ingredient in a bowl.

Chef’s tip: Add black olive tapenade to tickle your taste buds and some olives for the decoration.




  1. 鑊落油,香煎鱸魚;先煎帶皮一面3至4分鐘,再煎另一面1分鐘;上盤后落鹽,黑胡椒

  2. 蘆筍去皮后,水煮2至3分鐘,切至兩段后排盤

  3. 用百香果肉,蜂蜜,橄欖油,及芥辣做醋醬;將醬汁淋在鱸魚周圍做蘸醬



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