Pan-fried Salmon Bass with Lemon Herb Sauce

Pan-fried Salmon Bass with Lemon Herb Sauce

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May 24th, 2021
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Serves 4

             Qwehli salmon bass filet

             Tbsp of parsley

50            ml Baijiu

1              Tbsp of Italian mixed herb

30            Grams of butter

10            Grams of minced garlic

50            ml chicken stock

1/3           Lemon

             Pinches of salt and pepper

             Tbsp of sake

25            Grams of flour



  1. Pat dry the salmon bass filets and season with salt, pepper, and sake.

  2. Mix together some flour, salt, and pepper; Dip the salmon bass filets into the flour mixture.

  3. Heat up a pan with some butter, sear the filets skin side down first for 3-4 minutes; Flip and sear the other side for another 3-4 minutes.

  4. Remove the fish from the pan and let it rest for 2-3 minutes.

  5. In the same pan, heat up some Baijiu for 2-3 minutes until reduced; add in some butter, minced garlic, and Italian mixed herb; mix until aroma oozes out

  6. Add in some chicken stock, turn fire power to high, cook until liquid reduced then remove from heat.
  7. Add a small piece of butter and lemon juice into the sauce, mix well and pour over the filets.

  8. Enjoy!

香煎鱸魚 配 檸檬香草汁                                                          



  1. 魚柳先以少許清酒、胡椒粉略醃,然後抹乾(全乾)

  2. 混合一碟煎粉,包括麵粉、鹽、黑椒,然後幫魚柳上粉

  3. 中火燒熱一塊牛油,慢慢煎香魚柳,每面大概 3,4 分鐘,盛起待用

  4. 同一隻鑊加入白酒,略煮 2-3分鐘至水分減少,加入牛油,溶化後加入蒜蓉及香草,攪拌至香味釋出

  5. 加入雞湯,轉至大火,煮至水分減少然後熄火

  6. 加入1小塊牛油及檸檬汁,拌勻,淋上魚柳,完成。

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