Octopus Ceviche

Octopus Ceviche

Created by Qwehli Team
March 23rd, 2021
Using our precooked octopus, this ceviche recipe will be one of the easiest dishes you'd ever make! So refreshing, so flavorful, so Qwehli!




Serves 2

              Portions of Qwehli cooked octopus tentacles

1               Small red onion thinly sliced

Juice of 8 limes + 2 juice of limes to pickle onions

             Tbsp finely chopped cilantro

             Tbsp of olive oil

1              Pinch of salt

Optional: 2-3 hot peppers serranos or red chilies, seeded and diced or sliced




1. Cut the octopus tentacles into small bit size slices.

2. Place the octopus in a non-reactive container, add the lime juice, ½ of the onions, hot peppers, salt and all other ingredients, let marinate for a couple of hours.

3. Enjoy your ceviche!




1. 將八爪魚即至小塊。

2. 混合醬汁:將青檸檬汁,洋蔥,辣椒,鹽,以及其他香料混合。

3. 將汁醃八爪魚,放入雪櫃雪幾個鐘。上碟。

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