Grilled Sardines On Toast With Red-Tomato Marmalade

Grilled Sardines On Toast With Red-Tomato Marmalade

Created by chef Johan Ducroquet (@johan.ducroquet)
March 12th, 2021
With its refined sea-saltiness taste, Sardine has earned the love of many seafood lovers and chefs. This sardine recipe created by the head chef at Bouillon shows you more alternative to enjoy good sardines. If you haven‘t already, prepare yourself and give this amazing recipe a try.


Serves 2

             Qwehli Sardine portion

2              Servings of fig and nut bread

             Tbsp of olive oil

30            Grams of tomato marmalade

10            Grams of diced spring onion

5              Grams of black olive

10            Grams of chives

1              Pinch of salt and pepper



  1. Cook the sardines in a pan with a little olive oil, 1 minute on each side. You can also marinate the sardines in an olive oil-lemon mixture and keep refrigerated for at least 2/3 hours (the ideal being 24h).
  2. Cut a slice of bread, toast it and spread the tomato marmalade.
  3. Cut the sardines into fillets, roll them in length and hold them with a wooden spike.
  4. Add lemon confit peels, black olives, chives, spring onions, salt and pepper.

Chef’s tip: For an original note, prepare a horseradish tartare sauce!





  1. 鑊落油,香煎沙丁魚,每面1分鐘;亦可以將沙丁魚浸于檸檬橄欖油汁内腌製24小時候煎煮
  2. 烘烤麵包,塗上番茄果醬
  3. 將沙丁魚捲起,用竹簽插起定型,放於土司上
  4. 加入油封檸檬,黑橄欖,葱花,鹽,黑胡椒
  5. 完成

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