Pan-Fried Red Carabineros By Pascal Barbot

Pan-Fried Red Carabineros

Created by chef Pascal Barbot
March 16th, 2021
One of our most popular seafood products, the red carabineros has a refined iodine taste which makes it so easy to create delicious dishes with it by lightly seasoning. This recipe, created by 3 Michelin-Star chef Pascal Barbot, who's also a long time friend of Qwehli's, is easy to make but delicious guaranteed.


Serves 2

             Servings of Qwehli Red Carabineros

1              Litre of water

100          Grams of fine salt

50            Grams of sugar

10            Grams of olive oil



1. Mix salt, water, and sugar together to make brine.

2. Deshell the prawns; Marinate them in the brine for 2 minutes; Let dry in a cold room or fridge for 4 hours.

3. Pan fry the prawns on a heated skillet with olive oil.

4. Alternatively, preheat the oven to 170 degree and then bake the prawn in the oven for 7 seconds.




  1. 混合鹽,水,糖,製造料理鹽水

  2. 紅蝦去殼;醃於料理鹽水中 2 分鐘後,取出倘幹於雪櫃 4 小時

  3. 鑊落油,煎煮紅蝦直至熟透

  4. 亦可以預熱焗爐至 170 度後,焗爐內烘烤 7 秒


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