Salmon Sashimi --- Your Ultimate Guide To Home-made Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi --- Your Ultimate Guide To Home-made Sashimi

Created by Qwehli Team
March 16th, 2021
The simplest way to enjoy fresh salmon is to make salmon sashimi. We understand not everyone knows how to cut sashimi, so we created this ultimate guide for you to enjoy home-made sashimi, or even home-made sushi.


Serves 2

             Qwehli Salmon fillet

2              Tbsp wasabi

5              Grams of soy sauce



1. Place the fillet on a cutting board, skin-side down. Hold the tail firmly and make a cut between the flesh and the skin with a sharp knife. Continue to cut along the length of the fillet.

2. Start cutting the thinner part of the fillet (the belly). Cut very thin slices and keep cutting until the belly is finish, tilt your knife at 45°.

3. Finish cutting slices in the loin part (put your knife vertically).

4. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce. Enjoy!





  1. 將三文魚整魚柳放於菜板上,皮面向下,按著魚尾後橫向切除魚皮;

  2. 由魚肉最薄部分開始切(魚腩),刀斜至45度,切薄片

  3. 魚腩部份切完後,刀片改為垂直,切完剩餘魚肉

  4. 配合醬油,wasabi食用


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